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Ukrainer Cezve

Ukrainer Cezve


We made it our mission to bring good quality coffee to the armed forces of Ukraine.


We opened a charity fund and we started to support Ukranian army with Coffee Care project. Supplying coffee and brewing equipment.

Coffee in Action have teamed up with a partner from Turkey, world famous manufacturer of professioanal grade copper cookware, to design and produce an ultimate brewing eqipment for Ukranian army.

Our Soy Ukrainer cezve is pretty much indestructible – 1.5 mm thick copper, tin plated with heat treated military grade carbon steel handle with laser cut Ukrainian trident. 

You can brew coffee with any heat source -
open fire, charcoal, gas burner, portable cooker etc.


Cezve is one of the most popular coffee brewing methods in Ukraine. For generations Ukrainan people enjoyed it after acquiring it from Ottoman Empire in XVII century.


We want soldiers to enjoy hight quality coffee. Every month we produce a batch of Ukrainer cezves, to be complimentary distributed to armed of Ukraine.


Consider helping us by purchasing Soy Ukrainer cezve for a special price of 57 € + packaging and posting and worldwide delivery. 


Every Soy Ukrainer cezve bought through our website enables us to produce a complimentary Ukrainer cezve a Ukrainian soldier.


We look forward to welcoming you to Ukriane after our victory to enjoy our coffee and hospitality.