Uganda Zira Empisa

Uganda Zira Empisa


Zira means brave and Empisa means method in the local language. 

It is a concept coffee, a semi-anaerobic fermentation method developed in collaboration with the producer. Coffee undergoes 12 hours of cherry fermentation before it’s dried like a natural. Drying can take from 10-25 days depending on the amount of rain and sun during the harvest period.

This lot is produced in the west of Uganda. The coffee is processed at a modern and central drying station focused solely on naturals. The Zira Empisa has distinct flavors of lactic fermentation, sweet spices, herbs as well as berries and fruit. 

This is a coffee based on a flavour profile rather than tied to a specific location. The cherries can come from different locations, but always have to meet the criteria on quality and traceability.


Trader: Nordic Approach


Variety: SL-28, SL-34, SL-14


Processing: Natural


Harvest: December 2019


Cupping score: 86


Sensorial information: Smooth and lingering. Dried fruits figs and sweet prunes. Bright citrus. Great, clarity, tangy and well structured. Very creamy mouthfeel with refreshing finish with lime notes.



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