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Welcome to Ukrainer coffee blog.

Here I will share with you my coffee diplomacy journey.

Now that I’ve said hello to the world, it’s time to introduce myself.

I am Vadym Granovskiy, quality focused coffee entrepreneur, United Kingdom Cezve/Ibrik

Championship winner and World Cezve/Ibrik Championship finalist, TEDx speaker and founder of Coffee in Action.

I run Coffee in Action - award winning specialty coffee shop and premuim coffee catering operator from Kyiv, Ukraine. We are now solely focused on helping Ukrainian army.

Our mission is to bring good quality coffee to the armed forces of Ukraine.

We opened a charity fund and started to support Ukranian army with Coffee Care project, supplying coffee and brewing equipment.

We created a strong coffee blend for soldiers, designed and started to produce heavy duty professional grade coffee brewing pot for the army.

IWe want Ukrainian soldiers to enjoy hight quality coffee.

In order to raise funds for our project I decided to travel to Europe on coffee diplomacy mission. To share our story and to drum up support for our project.

I started my jorney with travelling to World of Coffee in Milan, Italy, after an invitation from parners from Victoria Arduino.

I started my journey in a very special place, close to my hometown Cherkasy.

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